Mad at myself


Hello World

I am writing this and I am kinda of mad at myself. I KNOW i have  been SLACKING on blogging and editing videos. WHY? Life happened. LAME excuse. BIG FAT LAME EXCUSE. This is going to change. I am known for not finishing any projects i start. I have invested so much time and energy into this project that i REFUSE to give up. I need to be consistent.  That is why I am mad at myself.  It is not only this YouTube project, its my health and spiritual journey that seems to have taken a backseat. I am better than this. I can offer so much more. I have been sleeping too much. Time to wake up and tackle life head on. I know this is my MAJOR issue that I am realizing that NEEDS to change. I can accomplish so much if i remain consistent. I need to pray about this and seriously ask myself if this is the life I want I need to show it in my actions. I have a major project that I want to undertake soon. I need to become organized and consistent. I will be working on those two things this month, I will start this weekend and develop a schedule that I will STICK to this month.

What is something you are working on this month? Leave a comment below!!

Update blog coming soon.



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